Whole30- My Plan


Ever heard of Whole30? It’s basically a “diet,” gahhh I really hate that word but it’s the easiest way to put it. This program was designed by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. You go 30 days without eating any grains, dairy, legumes (wahh peanut butter), alcohol, sugars, or junk food.  It’s very similar to the paleo diet, which I’ve done before. Thirty days of eating real food that is good for you.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this? I don’t even know where to begin! Well first off I’m pretty sure I’m gluten intolerant so I want to eliminate it from my diet for good. I’d also like to find out if I’m sensitive to other foods like legumes.

I have gained a total 15 pounds since my wedding in June 2014. I was ok with the first 10 pounds I gained because I was focused on lifting heavy 5 days a week. I’ve gained 5 more pounds since I went to Cancun in April and I’ve only worked out about 5 times within the last two months! Well these last 5 pounds have really done it for me. I realized my digestive system is all jacked up and I need to fix it ASAP. I suffer from headaches and bloating (TMI? Maybe? Who cares?) almost everyday.

I ate paleo for about 8 months between 2013 and 2014. I remember my body felt so good while eating paleo. I never had any issues whatsoever. I decided to quit because I was really hard on myself. I always felt guilty for eating food I wasn’t “supposed” to eat. Sooo I decided to take a little break after my wedding… Well that little break has lasted over a year.


If you are interested in completing a Whole30, reading the book, It Starts With Food, is a must! It explains all of the science behind the program and so much more! I purchased mine on Amazon.

They recommend you set goals for yourself before beginning the program. There are so many reasons why I am doing this. I really just want to feel healthy again. My other goals include:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Eliminate gluten from my diet (except for the occasional donut and mac n’ cheese and NOT feel guilty)
  • Eliminate constant unhealthy cravings
  •  Help me become an intuitive eater. Listen to my body, eat when I am hungry, and not eat when I am not hungry.
  • Heal my digestive system
  • Gain my energy back
  • Get better sleep
  • And yes, I’d love to lose the 15lbs I’ve gained and more, but I know with a healthy diet and workout regimen, the pounds will come off. So this really shouldn’t be a goal!

So that’s why I’m doing this. Those are my goals I hope to achieve with this process. I’m so excited! I am so ready to feel good again.

My plan is to do a weekly recap of what I ate and how I felt. I’m kind of happy I am blogging because it will help keep me be accountable. I had been dreading the moment I started another Whole30, but I am actually really excited! My plan is to start on Monday, June 29th.

Wish me luck!


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