Happy 2016

Well, happy 2016 my loves! I can’t believe I haven’t made a blog post this year. I have decided to type one up and explain a couple things before I make another beauty related post.

I have been crazy busy so far this year. I started this crazy fitness journey at the beginning of the year and honestly I think it’s taken over my life (in a good way). It’s time for me to start dedicating some time to my blog again because I miss it. A LOT. I can tell you all about my fitness journey if you are interested.

You may have noticed there are some changes on my blog. I have decided to change my blog name. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and have decided right now would be the best time to do it. Even though I really loved Beauty Fetiche, it just didn’t feel right. I think I was so excited to start this blog, I just picked the first title I fell in love with. I don’t want to bore you with a longer explanation but this is me, Diana Lizbeth. I want to be real and I want to show you who I really am. I wouldn’t expect a name change to be a big deal but it starting to feel like it. Just by making this one change I feel a lot more excited and motivated to work on my blog. With that said, I hope you like the change and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next post…


Favorite Red Lips for the Holidays

IMG_1350Christmas and holiday parties are upon us. Red lips on Christmas are a must have! I know there are lots of options available, but I wanted to give you a list of my favorites.

MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lipstick ($17)

IMG_0349There’s not much to say about this guy. It’s a cult favorite. I’d say this is a must have lipstick for everyone. It’s a true red with blue undertone and it makes your teeth look whiter.

Sephora Collection Strawberry Kissed Cream Lip Stain ($14)

IMG_0302This is a funner brighter option. It’s a pinky red. One of my all time favorite colors to wear. I’d also check out Really Red in this line. It’s a true red with blue undertone.

NARS Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($26)

IMG_0294The only way I could describe this shade is a true red with a slight warm undertone. Online it’s described as a “Crimson Red.” This is the color I wore last Christmas. FYI I think these lipsticks are so underrated. NARS has some of the best lipstick formulas out there. These are pretty much a lipstick/lip liner in one.

YSL 202 Rose Crazy Rouge Pur Couture The Mats Lipstick ($36)

IMG_0271If you wanna be fancy then this is the lipstick to choose. It’s described as a “matte cranberry red.” This lipstick has a very creamy matte texture. It contains jojoba oil so it’s very moisturizing. It may not last as long as the others, but it will leave a pretty stain.


Left to right: Ruby Woo, Strawberry Kissed, Mysterious Red, Rose Crazy

I want to give a quick shout to Revlon’s matte lipstick in Really Red. It was one of the first bright red matte lipsticks I have ever owned. And I believe it’s only five bucks.

I also think the eye shadow look I did would be perfect! I used the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette for the crease. Any color a couple shades darker than your skin tone would work. On the lids I used MAC’s naked pigment. I topped it off with a winged liner (Stila). Don’t forget the lashes!

I hope this encouraged you to put on your red lips! I think this year I’ll rock Ruby Woo! What about you?

XO, Diana



Monthly Favorites- November 2015

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorites post. I’ve come across a handful of holy grail products so I figured I’d show you.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer


This product has been one of my favorites for a few years now. I stopped using it because I had been using the Urban Decay concealer. I made the switch to NARS again because my under eyes have been really dry. The NARS just works better with my dry skin. I like this concealer because it’s light enough to wear everyday, yet it also builds nicely for more coverage.

Erborian BB Creme

ErborianI always love to search for new products and read reviews online. I came across this product during the VIB sale at Sephora. It was sold out online, but I when I went to the store they actually had it in stock. A Sephora employee raved about it so I went ahead and made the purchase. This has been a part of my everyday routine ever since I bought it. It’s seriously AMAZING. It makes my skin super soft and flawless. I always get tons of compliments on my skin when I wear this. I’d definitely recommend getting a sample and trying it out.

MUFE 134 Large Powder Fan Brush

mufeI mentioned this product in my last post, my flawless foundation routine. This brush is ideal for contouring/bronzing. Not only are you able to create the perfect line, but it you can also blend it out beautifully.

Diorshow Brow Styler Pencil

diorshow brow

I had been using this in the universal shade but last month I purchased the universal shade dark brown. I prefer the dark brown a lot more, especially for the winter time. This is my favorite brow pencil!

Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment 

Glamglow brightening

I like this mask because it’s a lot more gentle on my face than the other Glamglow masks. My face always  feels super soft when use it. It also does a great job at removing the dry flakey skin around my nose.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips


I wanted to give these guys a quick little shout out, mainly the color More Better. It’s a beautiful deep berry. I wore this in my last post. So far I am loving these liquid lipsticks. I’ve also tried the color Beeper.

Flawless Foundation Routine

Hello beauties! I’ve been asked a few times what products I use to achieve a flawless face. In this post I’m going to show you all of the products I use including the most important tools.

Step 1: Moisturize and Prime

I’ve been using the Belief True Cream Moisturizing Bomb (rewards), Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, and the YSL Blur Primer (deluxe sample). I apply the primer in the center of my face and around my mouth.

Step 2: Apply Foundation and Concealer

IMG_2426I am currently using the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation and the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. My foundation is in the shade Natural Beige and my concealer is in the shade Custard. The concealer is about one shade lighter than my skin tone. I normally use the UD Naked Concealer, but my under eyes are a little to dry for that one right now. I also love using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

The most important tool to use when blending in foundation and concealer is the Beauty Blender. The only thing I dislike about using it is how long it takes takes to blend. Feels like foreeevvveerrrr. But it works and it’s the only tool that blends everything flawlessly.  I first apply my foundation and then my concealer. If I really want to highlight under my eye then I apply the concealer in a triangle formation. I also apply it on my chin, cupid’s bow, tip of the nose, and the center of the forehead. I blend my concealer with the beauty blender as well.

Step 3: Set Foundation and Concealer

IMG_2423The KEY to a flawless face is setting it with powder. My favorite powder to set my concealer is the yellow shade (Lucid) in the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette. This really highlights the under eye and makes it look flawless. To do this, I use the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush. I gently press it on the same areas I applied concealer. I NEVER blend in, just press onto the skin.

To set the rest of my face I use the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. You can use any kind of brush for this. I normally use a larger powder brush. I feel like the NARS powder is underrated. People rave about the Laura Mercier one, but I hardly ever see anyone mention this one. I’ve never tried LM (it’s on my list), I’m sure it’s great, but this one gets the job done too. This product also works great for the ‘baking’ technique.

Step 4: Bronze, Blush, and Highlight

mufeNow the fun begins… First, I apply bronzer, the middle shade in the same Kat Von D palette. I hardly ever take the time to really sculpt my face. I’ve seen many people ask how to contour and what tool to use. I don’t think contouring is necessary more than half the time, just add a little bronzer and your good to go. I do believe the right brush is needed. I prefer to use a flat type of brush. I’ve been using the MUFE Large Powder Fan Brush.  This brush is amazing and makes bronzing/contouring so easy! It allows you to create the perfect line. I also run the brush across my nose, top of forehead, and around jawline. You could also use this brush to apply blush and highlight. It’s a huge brush so it takes a while to get used to holding it. But once you do, you’ll love it!


After applying bronzer, highlight, & blush

Finally, I apply blush and highlight. Those two vary from time to time. Lately I have been using a Tom Ford blush/highlight duo that came out last year in their holiday collection.

Step 5: Setting Spray

I don’t really like my face to look too powdery so I always apply a setting spray. My go-to’s are MAC Fix Plus and Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. If I want my makeup to last all day and night then I use the Urban Decay.

I also wanted to mention that if I am wearing a lot of eyeshadow, like a smokey eye, then I do that first. I normally apply the foundation, then the eyeshadow, and then the concealer. This way you can easily clean up any fallout or mistakes. You can really use that concealer to clean up the eyeshadow.

So there you have it. Those are all of the steps I do to achieve a flawless look. I usually do this about once a week. I prefer a lot less steps and makeup on a day to day basis.


*Eyebrows: Diorshow Brow Styler, Eyeshadow: KVD Shade + Light Eye, Liner: KVD Tattoo Liner, Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in More Better.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope this was helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

XO, Diana



Whole30 Week 3 Recap

Week 3 wasn’t that big of struggle. Towards the end of the week, I was so sick of cooking and washing dishes. I mean I was so over it! Other than that I felt great. I apologize ahead of time for the crappy pictures taken.

Day 15- Monday

Before work I had 2 eggs with a cajun sausage and a big bowl of blueberries and grapes. For lunch, my husband and I had a carnitas salad from Chipotle. Earlier in the day I made some chicken in the crockpot. I added taco seasoning (homemade) and a jar of compliant salsa. For dinner we had a salad.

Day 16- Tuesday

Breakfast included eggs with chorizo, leftover asparagus, avocado, and sliced bananas with coconut flakes. Since I had a pretty big breakfast, I had lunch really late lunch. I had a big salad with the crockpot chicken and a bowl of watermelon. I didn’t end up eating dinner.

Day 17- Wednesday

Repeated breakfast and lunch this day. I picked up a shaken iced green tea from Starbucks during my walk downtown. I was not in the mood for whatever I had planned (burgers) for dinner. I ended up cooking some beef with peppers and onions. I also made an amazing guacamole and roasted green beans. I made it to the gym after work this day.

Day 18-Thursday

Breakfast and lunch were repeated one last time. Made it to the gym after work and had a coconut cashew Larabar. Dinner included pork chops, guac, potatoes, and cucumbers.

Day 19- Friday

I made an omelette with bell peppers and onions. I also had roasted green beans and some grapes. I headed to the mall after work. While I was there I got a passion tea from Starbucks. I also had a pecan pie Larabar (my favorite flavor). I accidentally skipped out on lunch since I spent so much time at the mall.  For dinner I made some carne asada thin steaks. I also made breakfast potatoes with sliced tomatoes. I also had some watermelon.

Day 20- Saturday

I was really over cooking this day. The struggle was real. I made it to the gym and grocery store in the morning. I had a coconut cream pie Larabar after the gym. I bought some ground pork to make my own breakfast sausage. I made a few patties with 2 eggs and a banana. For late lunch/early dinner I had leftovers from the previous day. I also made some delicious buffalo wings. You can find the recipe here. I was so impressed with the taste. I also had a handful of apple chips.

Day 21- Sunday

I made it to the gym first thing in the morning around 8am. I had some leftover ground pork so I made a scramble with potatoes. This day was just as exhausting as the previous day. I ended up have a late lunch/early dinner again and cooking the same beef as Wednesday. I also had a big bowl of cantaloupe.

I skipped a meal several days this week and I am a little disappointed I did that. I didn’t starve myself, I just waited too long to eat. It’s recommended you don’t eat 2-3 hours prior to bedtime. I definitely would have eaten within two hours so I just went to bed instead.

I can’t believe I am so close to the end! My body is feeling great. So far I have planned this next week well. Please stay tuned for week 4 recap and results. Well, I must go wash dishes now.


XO, Diana

P.S. Check out week 2 recap here.


Laugh. Let’s be real, everyone loves to laugh right? Duh! But sometimes I think we are so focused on life and work we forget to relax and enjoy ourselves. I never really knew how great laughing felt until I met my husband. Every time we are together he always finds a way to make me laugh (even though more than half the time he’s making fun of me). It just makes everyday so much better when you take the time to laugh and enjoy yourself. So do me a favor… make sure you laugh today and wake up with a smile tomorrow. K? Thanks!

Love. I had a really hard time figuring out what to write about this word because it’s self-explanatory. When I think of what love means to me I think of kindness, passion, sacrifice, family, friends, career, the list is never ending. Love can relate to so many things and that’s why it’s so important to give and receive. Not only should you love everyone in your life and everything you do but most importantly love yourself. Appreciate who you are and what you are capable of. Once you are able to do that everything else in life becomes a bit easier.

Believe. This one is simple: believe in yourself, believe in what you do, and believe in everything that happens. Sometimes life happens, does the unexpected, and changes everything. Trust me I know this from experience. In less than a year I moved to two different states. Never in my life I would have imagined myself living 2000 miles away from the place I was born and raised. Good ol’ Oklahoma how I miss you! But I must admit I am enjoying every minute of this journey. Why? Because I believe this is what was meant to happen. Because I believe and have faith everything will be okay.

with Confidence. I must admit. I struggle with this word sometimes. I’m not the most confident person in the world but as I get older I’m learning to care less about what people think of me and care more about what I think of myself. This has helped me become more confident and has made it easier for me to be able to laugh, love, and lastly to believe in myself. Besides you never know who you could impact by showing what confidence does for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the ‘words’ I truly stand for. Yes I am obsessed with beauty products and it’s what this blog will mostly focus on but at the end of the day makeup is something we just wipe off. The word beauty is described to be, a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the sight (Thanks Google). So you see, there’s so much more to beauty than makeup and girly stuff, it just depends on how you view it and what it means to you.

Finally, with all of that said, Welcome to my Blog! I’m so excited to start this journey and share with you my true Beauty Fétiche.



P.S. Don’t forget to laugh, love, and always believe in yourself.