Rothy’s Sandals


Who loves Rothy’s?? I DO! I DO! I was introduced to this brand a couple of years ago and have been in love ever since. In case you don’t know about this amazing company, Rothy’s is a sustainable brand that creates the most amazing shoes and recently bags. I have a few of their shoes and I love them all. My favorites being The Loafer.

They recently came out with incredible sandals. I was so luckily gifted The Knot style in Candy Apple from a wonderful person in my life.

Candy Apple

I had a really hard time deciding between these and The Triple Band. I was worried the knots wouldn’t fit as comfortable and slide out, but after walking around the house with them, I think they will be great! The straps hug my feet comfortably. They were a little snug but their material tends to stretch a bit and form your feet perfectly. I still have my eye on the Triple band tho!

Triple Band

Hot Pink Basket Stitch


San FranciscoThe Triple Band

The Triple Band








Why do I love Rothy’s?

  • Sustainability! Their signature thread is made from plastic water bottles, the outsoles are made from vegan leather and the footbeds are from plant-based materials.
  • Comfort. Every single pair I own is super comfortable and can be worn for hours. They are my favorite travel shoes!
  • Easy care! They are machine washable! Yeah, you heard that right. You can easily throw them in the washer and let them air dry. I’ve washed my loafers a few times and they look good as new every time.
  • Stylish! They have the most beautiful colors and patterns. Some of my favorites are olive and black camo.

The biggest con has to be the price. The sandals are $115 and the loafers being the most expensive at a whopping $165. I totally get why which is why I will continue to support this brand. I may or may not treat myself for my birthday in a couple of months! Maybe a handbag? AH! If only…

If you are a first time customer to Rothy’s and want $20 off your purchase, click this link here! Happy shopping!

XO, Diana